French Bulldog

French Bulldogs Make a Fine Choice РThe overused cliché tirelessly tells you that a dog is man's best friend. Indeed, many folks take this principle by heart. There is no doubt that you likewise equate your pet with your best friend. Yet you can't simply jump into the decision of purchasing a pet dog.

The size of your home, the health, feeding, characteristics, and lifestyle conditions, to name a few are some considerations that must be looked into when choosing the breed of dog to rear. There is an array of choices when it comes to dog breeds and one of the bestsellers is the French Bulldog.

The Origin of French Bulldogs

The roots of the French Bulldogs could be traced back to England as they are known to be the descendants of the English Bulldogs which were not at all into the craft of dog fighting. The English artisans who reared them soon took off for France during the heights of the Industrial Revolution and in the latter part of the 1800s, the French showed interest in raising them. Eventually, the breed evolved as French bulldogs or Frenchies, and thereby acquired characteristics which were far different from those of their English bulldog ancestors.

By the time that many of the well-off American families visited Paris, they were captivated with the Frenchies and began to import them in the United States. In 1896, the French bulldog breed was initially listed in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

French Bulldog Appearance

The French bulldogs are endowed with compact body muscles, snub nose, smooth and dense coat, and a sturdy bone structure. What sets their appearance to be unique are their bat-like ears which are round shaped on top and wide based. They have inherently short, screwed or straight tails.

French bulldogs are mainly stocky breeds and their weight play at approximately 28 pounds. Their eyes are bright and expressive. Their legs are stout and short. Their common colors include the blending of brown and black. Grooming them is not a regular requirement. As most dog raisers claim, the French bulldogs are maintenance-free.

French Bulldogs make Wonderful Pets

If you've got a small-spaced home, then French bulldogs would just be perfect. As long as they are allotted a space where they can play and run about and you don't necessarily require them to exercise, then you have no problem at all. This breed loves being cuddled and treated like one of the human members of the family. They love to stay indoors especially when it is very warm outside. They are not fit to be exposed to heat. Their average lifespan ranges from 12 to 14 years.

Also, they serve as effective watchdogs and companions. They are also friendly and intelligent. They easily make friends and often wag their tails at strangers.

The dogs' personality is much of the outgoing type, playful, affectionate, warm, and loving. French bulldogs love getting the attention of their masters. As pets, they find no hassles in adapting to any new surroundings.

French Bulldog Breeding

Breeding French bulldogs is quite a task and that explains why there are not much of them around. Only three puppies at the most could be borne by a mother. If caution is not taken with the size of the head, a Caesarean delivery may come about. The smaller breed of the French bulldogs must not likewise be overly done.

If you are then settled with getting a French bulldog for a pet, be sure of its breeding quality. There are too many unscrupulous breeders around who only care about the money leaving out the genial quality of the pet. Enjoy taking care of your pet and reap the rewards out of it as he showers you back with gratitude.

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