Golden Retrievers – Hours of Enjoyment

Golden retrievers are really “a man's best friend.” Train your golden retriever, spend time with your golden retriever and I guarantee you will get hours and hours of enjoyment from this breed. Are you maximizing the potential of your golden retriever? You need to maximize the potential of your golden retriever as this breed has unlimited potential.

Are you maximizing the potential of your golden retriever?
You need to maximize the potential of your golden retriever as this breed has unlimited potential.

Are you really giving him the training he needs?
A golden retriever will take to training like a duck does to water. This breed aims too please so bring out his full potential with training.

Is your golden retriever really getting full enjoyment from his life?
Your golden retriever is not hard to please and will get enjoyment from both the city life or that in the country…as long as they are in close contact with you they enjoy their life to the fullest.

So lets start learning how to get the most out of your golden retriever.

Most breeds of dog yearn to belong to a group and need to interact with their own species to stay secure. However, through breeding, Golden Retrievers are geared more towards people. Most people associate Golden Retrievers as guide dogs, but they are also suitable for younger children, and as assistants as hunting dogs. They need to associate with people frequently to satisfy their instincts brought about by their breeding.

They will forgive you for many mistakes and will follow you relentlessly just waiting to be acknowledged and petted. The fact that they were one of the first three dogs to obtain the Obedience Trial Championships is further proof that Golden Retrievers intend to please. It is very important that you include your Golden Retriever in any family activity as they are so people oriented and need to live with their owners. It is rare for them to bark, but if they do it may be because they are bored.

A Golden Retriever will enjoy many activities such as hunting, hiking, ball games and any number of physical activities once he is fully grown. Perfectly suitable as companions for children they will become loyal friends as they grow together. Irrespective of how friendly they are Golden Retrievers can be unintentionally rough when playing so should always be supervised when with young children. A child can unintentionally cause him to retaliate through his natural impulse if pulling his tail or poking him, even accidentally, especially if catching him by surprise.

All Golden Retrievers love the water, and choose to get wet any chance they get, so if you have a pond or other source of water on your land, you can expect them to get into it whenever they get the chance. Mud is also a great attraction to them and you can reckon on them getting dirty at every opportunity, so once they are full grown you can count on bathing them every couple of days. Although they are not too concerned about the heat it isn't normally good for them, so you will need to make sure they have plenty of air, shade and water during the summer months. As long as you take care of your Golden and dont let him over exert himself, he should be just fine even in the hottest days that summer can dish out.

10 Reasons To Love A Golden Retriever

1. The way he plays all by himself (hopping around like a bunny, running full tlit chasing nothing in particular – hilarious!)
2. His absolute loyalty.
3. The way he brings my dirty socks and underwear when ever we have visitors.(Typical Retriever, they would rather bring you what they have found than hide away and chew it to bits!)
4. The way his entire body will “waggle” side to side when he sees me walk in the door.
5. The way he absolutely has to sniff people up and down.
6. Their lack of modesty (the way he will go belly-up at night on the couch, mouth open with his legs spread apart and their front paws in the air.
7. Their intelligence and awareness of a daily routine.
8. Their lack of intelligence (or perhaps its just selective hearing) Try calling a Golden Retriever when on that very rare occasion he knows he has made a mistake.
9. Their cuddly nature.
10. Their ability to forgive and unconditionally love us imperfect human beings…

My Name Is Mark Apletree, I am the proud owner of a great breed.. “The Golden Retriever”

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